Having trouble downloading or extracting files from our zipped lesson packets? Here are a couple common questions folks have about the process, and some solutions to those challenges. If you still continue to have trouble accessing our lesson plans, please contact Lea Shell at yourwildlife@gmail.com.

I clicked the “Download Packet” button, but where did the lesson go?2015-06-30T11:00:30-04:00

Your web browser sends your downloads to a default location that you can set in Preferences. If you’re not sure where to find your download, check those Preferences settings. Here is a general guide to help you find your browser’s download settings.

  • Safari: Safari > Preferences > General
  • Firefox: Firefox > Preferences > General
  • Chrome: Chrome > Preferences > Settings > Advanced Settings
  • Explorer: Instructions here
How do I open my zipped lesson packet?2015-06-30T10:39:29-04:00

If you’re on a Mac or running Windows 7 and higher, simply double-click the zipped file and the contents will be unzipped in a new folder. You can also select the zipped file, right-click, and select the “Extract all…” option.