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Students Discover offers free, high-quality curriculum to middle school science teachers around the world. These curriculum modules were created in partnership between scientists and educators to support student participation in a broad range of citizen science projects, ranging from measuring fossilized shark teeth to observing bird nests on school grounds.

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March 2017: The month you named a yeast. As humans, we give significance to something by giving it a unique name: whether this is our pets, our boats, our children, or our sourdough starters. It is how we distinguish the specific from the general. It is not just “a child,” it is our child, “Adrianne.” [...] [...]
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Educators: We'd love to have your students help us name our new yeasts. Here's some information to start the discussion with your students so that they can learn about the science of yeast. Introduction to Yeast Yeast are single celled organisms that are microscopic. They are actually fungi (like all mushrooms). They are a group [...] [...]
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This post is written by Clint Penick & Magda Sorger As the world's entomologists gather in Orlando this week for the International Conference of Entomology (ICE), we thought it a good time to revisit the famous Species Scape—the illustration showing that insects make up the largest portion of life on Earth. We scoured textbooks, scientific papers, and online databases to find the most current numbers for all species that have been described. There are new winners and new losers, but insects still make up nearly half of all species. The history of the Species Scape began when biologist Quentin Wheeler [...]
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